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What Is The Difference Between Permanent Makeup And Tattoo

Those who like to consume content related to cosmetic surgeries and treatments online must have come across terms like tattooing and permanent makeup many times. Although both seem relatable, tattoos and permanent makeup have some differences that you must know before you think of giving them a try. 

Marcia explains these differences in an easy and hassle-free way. Check them out and clear your doubts as soon as possible. 

The most common and fundamental difference between them is what goes inside your skin. While tattooing implants ink in your skin tissues, permanent makeup focuses on implanting pigments for a lasting impact. These pigments are usually made of iron oxides, along with some glycerine and water. 

Another common difference between tattoos and permanent makeup is the color. While tattoo ink comes in multiple shades, permanent makeup uses only black pigments for a natural look. These days, some permanent makeup artists have also started using shades of pink and brown for different permanent makeup treatments. 

The next difference between tattoos and permanent makeup is how long they last. While tattoos tend to start losing their original touch after a few years, permanent makeup can last for up to ten years without losing its effects. If you ask about the tools used for tattoos and permanent makeup from someone who has undergone the treatment, you’d know that tattoos are made using a handheld coil machine. In contrast, permanent makeup is applied with the help of a rotary machine. 

Make sure you keep in mind all these differences before giving either of them a try. It will help you have a great experience without getting confused at any stage.