Is Microblading Good Enough To Revive Your Eyebrows?

Not everyone is blessed with beautiful eyebrows. There is no shame in accepting that your brows are not up to the mark as long as you take the right steps to revive them without any further delay. Multiple ways are available through which you can shape up your brows, and the most popular among them is Microblading. 

If you use Instagram and follow various fashion influencers and relevant hashtags, then this term shouldn’t be alien to you. But just in case you don’t know much about Microblading, here are some essential points to clear your doubts. 

Dermagrafix defines Microblading as a modern way to recreate your brows by giving them a unique shape and color according to your hair and skin tone. The process is precise and requires a special set of tools to get the desired results. Usually, this tool is characterized as a pen with a sharp nib having 10-12 little needles at one end. These needles don’t penetrate the skin but scratch the surface delicately. 

During the Microblading process, needles implant featherweight strokes on the epidermis layer and create realistic, fine, and natural hair strokes. 

One of the reasons why most women like to go for Microblading is because it aligns their brows with skin and hair color. The results stick for a few years, depending on your lifestyle and skincare products you use daily. 

Just in case you get bored with your brows’ shape after a few years, you can go for another treatment and change them. So, the process is semi-permanent but does the job just fine. You can visit Dermagrafix whenever possible and collect more information about this treatment from a veteran hair-care expert before giving it a try.

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